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Watch: Patti LaBelle & The Bluebells – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (1968)

Who can deny the amazing contributions to rock n’ roll made by not only Patti LaBelle but the original Bluebells. Still going strong, Patti continues to be one of one of music’s most well known “Divas” but it was her earliest contributions that helped shaped rock n’ roll and pave the way for other female singers. Watch Patti and The Bluebells Sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”





32 Responses to Watch: Patti LaBelle & The Bluebells – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (1968)

  • Lanajean Vecchione says:

    Nose job really changes your voice as this video proves. Whoa so less NASAL
    sounding before her NOSE JOB . .also CHER’s voice changed post nose job. .
    .which is why great like Streisand and Lady GaGa won’t change their nose –
    and maybe also why Mariah is now singing to pre-recorded tracks (another
    vocalist having a nose done!)

  • williamg2552 says:

    This was after the original fourth member, CINDY BIRDSONG, left to join
    THE SUPREMES, and The Bluebelles were reduced from 4 to 3 members. Shortly
    after this , they changed their name to LaBELLE. 

  • anthonyt2034 says:

    I think that her voice got stronger and stronger with each new adventure
    she had to do; in other words. Pattie has said that she never wanted to go
    solo, but after she lost her mother, and two of her sisters and Labelle
    broke up..Pattie would round on the floor and lose her mind and that voice
    got stronger and stronger, she sang like she wanted to from the heart.

  • over30pumas says:

    hmmmm looks like the audience got a taste of the Patti that was soon to
    come! LOL Especially at the end when she was jumping up and down. LOL

  • D3v1ut says:

    I dislike Patti’s voice a ton , but in the ’60s her voice was dreamlike and
    I wish it would have stayed soulful like this. This beautiful.

  • V DAWG says:

    OMG PATTIE PATTIE damn you really were beforw your time. I mean like I felt
    like I was watching something from the Now era lol she worked that I felt
    every note

  • M H Barnhill says:

    That voice at 21 years old. It’s amazing how much it sounds the same today.
    I just watched a performance from this year. Her voice has aged of course
    but so well preserved after 50 years.

  • williamg2552 says:

    The IMPRESSIONS are already IN the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. Not only are
    they inducted, but CURTIS MAYFIELD is also inducted as a SOLO
    artist…making him a DOUBLE INDUCTEE. JERRY BUTLER is inducted as one of
    the IMPRESSIONS (he also should be inducted again solo) ALL of the
    original Impressions are inducted: CURTIS MAYFIELD, SAM GOODEN, FRED CASH,

  • dobluesky says:

    You’re talking Stewart’s R & R Hall Of SHAME. Anyone who knows true artists
    knows that the Hall Of SHAME is a joke, a sham, and a total waste of one’s

  • Ray Robles says:

    Good Grief!!! Sorry Elvis, but I can’t envision anyone being able to do
    this any better, any where, anytime soon, in this era for sure, or ever.
    Tears, you got to stop rollin and flowin.

  • MROSEN62 says:

    The election of Sledge based on one iconic song boggles the mind. I have no
    problem with most of the induction choices, but that one is really strange.
    Let’s hope that Chubby will only be able to get into the Hall by buying a

  • MROSEN62 says:

    As for pioneer groups, I fully agree that the Ravens and Five Keys belong
    there. I would choose The Ink Spots over the Mills Brothers due to the fact
    that Mills Bros are too pop while the Ink Spots sound led directly to the
    Orioles and later groups. Delta Rhythm Boys and Clovers are good choices,
    but a small notch below (although the longevity of the DRBs is in their
    favor). Some of the later soul groups produced great material, but did not
    make a great enough impact to be seriously considered.

  • Bill Brower says:

    Besides being historical, and beautiful, this is just perfect ! No other
    live performance even comes close ! Not even any others by Patti and the
    girls can top this one ! Patti – The Real Queen Of Soul !!!

  • dobluesky says:

    I’m glad you recognize these artists and your reasoning as to why they are
    or are not inductees. But going back to reference your original
    comment……Percy Sledge made a great impact ??????? Give us both a break.
    Next, Chubby “No Talent” Checker will be in there.

  • soulfultony says:

    Nobody would want to follow them onstage….they’d have to wait about 10
    min. for the crowd to get ahold of themselves.That record actually made it
    to #34 on Billboards Hot 100 1964

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