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Watch: Cherie Currie from The Runaways – Full Interview

Cherie Currie is a ground breaking Rock n’ Roll legend. Former singer of the trailblazing first all female rock band, The Runaways, they paved the way for all female rock bands influencing the likes of The Donnas, L7, Bikini Kill and many others.

Even if you don’t know who Cherie Currie is, you have to watch this interview! The lead singer of The Runaways talks about losing her virginity to rape, and shares other insightful tidbits about her career.




12 Responses to Watch: Cherie Currie from The Runaways – Full Interview

  • Ronald Gray says:

    This Rover guy should have read Neon Angel and seen The Runaways before the
    interview. Cherie’s candidness is uncanny.

  • Bil McCombe says:

    Hard to beleive this interview is nearly an hour long! I read the book, saw
    the movie, and Cherie is actually a friend of mine, and i was glued to the
    screen with her story. Amazing!

  • glamrockqueen22 says:

    As I was reading the book the part about her being kidnapped, raped and
    beaten, my jaw was on the floor. I couldn’t believe it. Shes such a
    fighter. Such an inspiration.

  • MoparGeorge1 says:

    One of the people she spent the night with was Rick Springfield. Great
    Interview & I still love the Runaways. Come on Reunion!

  • Angelique Hoegee says:

    That is one though WOMAN! One i would like to meet!!
    Is their a Fansite of this band!?

    With love fom Holland

  • glamrockqueen22 says:

    I like the runaways movie, but in my opinion, had they really made the
    movie just like her book it would have been 10 times better. Her book is so
    anazing. The movie is supposed to be an adaptation, but its not very close
    at all.

  • Anton Long says:

    Wow, this was an incredible interview. You did a wonderful job asking
    important questions and receiving full, sincere answers. I was amazed by
    this story. Cherie has lived through so much and still seems to have a
    great head on her shoulders. That’s a strong woman. Anyway, I think this is
    one of the best interviews by anyone I have seen.

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