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Top Ten Styx Songs of All Time

Ahh…a band close to my own heart…..I’m a huge fan of the “Arena Rock” bands from the 70’s and early 80’s. Most who know me are well aware of my infatuation with classic rock. But the truth is, it’s the arena rock bands from the classic rock genre that strike my fancy. It may have something to do with me discovering music while this rock style was popular. As a generation X’er, my earliest memories of rock n roll began in the mid seventies when my childhood best friend would play her dad’s records for me- without his permission I might add.

At the time arena rock bands were considered a more commercial form of rock; much different from the popular 60’s music it followed. The laser light shows, fireworks, and huge amplifiers were seen by some as part of what killed the ideology of the 60’s music. If you ask me, the psychedelic groups began this before the arena rock bands had their turn.

Not all classic rock bands achieved arena rock status. It was the commercial approach taken by a few rock bands that allowed them to fill stadiums. Thus the term “arena rock” was born.  Key Arena Rock acts include Journey, REO Speedwagon, , Foreigner, KISS and of course Styx.

I love all the arena rock bands, but I am particularity fond of . Here are their top ten songs in no particular order:




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