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Top Ten Runaways Songs of All Time

The top ten best song lists I pull together are not as biased as some of the other posts you’ll find on this site. I’m not even gonna try to hide my love for this band! And let me add…anyone with passion for Rock N Roll should have the same love. The Runaways formed in the late 70’s and only produced four albums.

While they never really hit it “big” in the United States, the legacy they left behind made a huge impact on music itself. As the first all girl rock n roll band they influenced, and paved the way for, many of the female rock bands that followed. The Donnas, The Bangles, , Babes in Toyland and many others might not exist if not for this trail blazing band. and Joan Jett are major icons in Rock N Roll history.

Facts aside…

If Lady Godiva’s ride was partly responsible for the change in attitude that eventually led to the feminist movement and the free will that women have today, is it also possible that these women are the reason why rock n roll now has the likes of…Hailstorm, Bikini Kill, Evanescence, Juliette Lewis and The Licks, or how about the Alabama Shakes or The White Stripes? I’m gonna say yes!

These women, Joan in particular, are just amazing women! I can’t hide my girl crush and still aim to crawl in her lap before I die. In fact, this site was inspired by a Joan Jett print that’s the best rock n roll print I’ve created yet.

Enjoy my top ten list, in no particular order:



Video: Joan Jett & Cherie Currie talk The RunawaysTheir dissolution took place because of: their age (they were teenagers); disagreements with Kim Fowley (they parted ways in 1977) ; or personal issues of individual members; (their time together included premature pregnancy, drug abuse, depression, and countless disagreements among themselves); many reasons.

The band members continued on individual music paths. Joan is still touring. (I saw her with The Blackhearts this past summer- time of my life!) Lita and Cherrie went on to release albums, and Sandy and Jackie, as well as other band members, continued to work on other music projects. This is one of my favorite bands for their contribution to rock history, daring approach, wild and rebellious personas, and because they just plain made great music! Jone Jett and The Blackhearts are my number 1!



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  • Me and my dad love listening to The Killers everyday, and he tries to play this song and others on our guitar. All of their songs are great, but I really like this song. It’s fun too, since my brother likes it too. Somedays.

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