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Top Ten Pat Benatar Songs of All Time

I’ve put this top ten list off for as long as I could – and for good reason. How does anyone begin to choose only ten of ‘s greatest songs? With numerous hit albums, Pat has had an impressive career! She began as Patricia Mae Andrzejewski and became a four time grammy winner. Other accolades include 17 billboard chartings with 15 of those songs reaching the top 40 and with many of those reaching the top ten. She is known as one of the most played artist in the MTV ’80s era – an icon of women in rock.

Before delving head first into rock music, she had plans to attend Julliard. Pat had training as a “Coloratura”, otherwise known as an Italian opera singer. She can certainly wail!

She began touring in 1979 and still tours today. I’ve seen in her concert twice!

Pat Benatar’s songs have been featured in multiple shows and movies. She’s made a few cameo appearances in popular television as well – “Charmed” to name just one. She was even the spokesperson for Energizer for a time.

I could discuss the amazing career and talents of Pat all day and tomorrow too…and still not cover everything. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge Pat Benatar fan!

(you can’t tell me this iconic image doesn’t sum up the 80’s video era)

Pat’s awesome. Here’s my top ten picks in no particular order:

Promises in the Dark- “Promises in the dark”

All Fired Up- “Wide awake in dreamland”

Love is a battlefield- “Live from Earth”

Fire and Ice- “Precious time”

You better run- “Crimes of passion”

We belong- “Tropico”

Little too late- “Get nervous”

Precious time- “Precious time”

Shadows of the night- “Get nervous”

One love- “Wide awake in dreamland”



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