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Awful Cover Songs: Live and Let Die by Guns N Roses

Oh dear, sweet, dysfunctional Axel Rose. Normally I really love you. You came into my life at a time when I was weary of the glam metal bands who wore more lipstick than my sister and the thrash metal bands were keeping me awake at night. In fact, that’s probably Guns N Roses biggest contribution to music, 80s hair bands, and heavy metal over all. As the heavy metal genres were not only taking form but literally segregating, you fit right in the middle. Guns N Roses was appealing on both sides of the fence. Just enough glam with just enough heavy, you bridged the gap with a breath of fresh air as we all heard “Welcome to the Jungle” the first time.

But that was something different. You’ll see that Axel made my list of awesome cover songs with “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” but this song made the list of bad ideas.

Paul McCartney and Wings are a tough act to follow but so is Buffalo Springfield. So why does this song rub me the wrong way? Normally I can give reasons for my opinion but this song is a bit more difficult. Perhaps it has something to do with the raspy Axel vocals? I can only guess. All I know is this song didn’t even come close to the bar set by Paul.

Guns and roses deserve all props any rock lover can pull up and throw at them. With all the beer bottles and panties they’ve had thrown at them, I hope there is still room for props. They made their depute in the eighties just when hair metal was staring to get really bad. Guns N Roses and Axel, and his screeching vocals, came in the nick of time to add their own take on hard rock. But…not everyone can step in and fill the very big shoes of Paul McCartney. Although, Axel has a notable vocal range himself, this song itself could do without the screeching. But don’t worry, GNR fans, Axel appears in our amazing cover songs list also!

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