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Songs that Shaped Music: “Lick it Up” Kiss

Not everyone is a Kiss fan. I, however, am a huge Kiss fan. The huge marketability of this band pushed their record sales to second only to the Beatles. You’ll notice that Kiss makes my lists more than once. If you’ve ever seen Kiss in concert you understand what makes this the hottest band in the world.

Kiss is as well known in popular culture as they are in any basement. But it isn’t the merchandise that makes them great. Its their ability to stand out from everyone else. We might think it’s the makeup that made them stand out. But Korn or Insane Clown Posse don’t have the wide spread appeal that Kiss reached. We might say it’s the shock value of the band. But even greats like Alice Cooper never reached the commercial appeal of this band.

Whatever they’re known for, you have too be an actual fan to start naming their albums and individual songs. They are better known for their persona rather than their music. Shame.

In any case, this song made the list of songs that shaped rock n roll because after a decade of being completely hidden behind their costumes and stage presence, this song was the first time we saw what they really looked like. They appeared on MTV with no makeup the day this song was released.

At the time…this was huge!

Lick It Up by Kiss Songfacts
Lick It Up by Kiss song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position.

Lick It Up – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lick It Up is the eleventh studio album by American band Kiss. On the day of its release, the band members appeared on MTV without their trademark make-up.

Lick It Up Lyrics – Kiss
Lyrics to Lick It Up by Kiss: Don’t want to wait ’til you know me better / Let’s just be glad for the time together / Life’s such a treat.


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