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Rock Music Documentaries: Journey Behind the Music

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Journey in concert only once in my life. A dear friend of mine took me to see Journey with Loverboy and Pat Benater for my birthday. It rained and we were soaking wet. It’s a good memory. I fell in love with Journey when I first heard “Open Arms” in the cult classic animated movie “Heavy Metal”

I’ve had a lot of guy friends that refer to Journey as a girl’s band. Maybe. I don’t know many girls who can defend themselves from Steve Perry’s voice. Granted Steve Perry can’t croon the way he used to, but their new lead singer does an amazing job!

Aside from that, Journey is one of the best-known arena rock bands from the seventies and eighties. It’s the vibrato in Steve’s voice that makes this one of my absolute favorite bands of all time.  I still own every Journey album on vinyl. So its natural that I would have an interest in their behind the music documentary.

Give it a look:



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