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Songs that Shaped Music

Songs that Shaped Music: “Lick it Up” Kiss

Not everyone is a Kiss fan. I, however, am a huge Kiss fan. The huge marketability of this band pushed their record sales to second only to the Beatles. You’ll notice that Kiss makes my lists more than once. If you’ve ever seen Kiss in concert you understand what makes this the hottest band in the world.

Kiss is as…

Songs that Shaped Music: “Enter Sandman” Metallica

Once a huge Metallica fan, I lost interest when their black album was released. Many people accused them of selling out with this album. I’m not sure if i agree with that but I still recall Lars going after Napster. Remember Napster?

As an artist myself, I believe all artists should be paid for their work. But there was…

Ten Favorite Rock N Roll Duets

Everyone loves to hear two of their favorite singers in the same song. There’s nothing like artistic collaboration to put a smile on any music lover’s face. Unfortunately, many of the best duets don’t make the airwaves or you have to see them live. I’m not sure I recall the last time a great duet made it big.

Super groups…