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Rock Music Documentaries: Behind the Music- Pantera

Even though Pantera came several years after the big four, Slayer, Megadeath, Metallica, and Anthrax made thrash metal a thing. These guys are thrash metal. Missing the horrible cookie monster vocals that are way over used in today’s thrash metal, these guys remind me why we started loving thrash in the first place.

A driving beat, ear crunching guitar riffs and songs that you can still sing too? Yeah. Sign me up! Take a look at their behind the music documentary.

You’ll get the thrash metal fix you need. Promise.


Long live Dimebag Darrel!

Behind The Music Remastered | Episode 404 | Pantera | VH1
Apr 7, 2013 Videos on Behind The Music Remastered. Wanna know what’s on VH1? Behind The Music Remastered. We have highlights, and more!

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Pantera: Behind The Music is an episode of VH1’s popular music artist documentary series that…



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