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Awful Cover Songs: Candle in the Wind by Elton John

Elton John is one of my all time favorite musicians from the singer songwriter movement. He is definitely one of the greats and he has really owned his diva status. I can’t think of many things better than having write a tribute in your honor- even if you are long gone and will never get a chance to enjoy it. That’s an amazing legacy! Empty garden, written for John Lennon, was beautifully written and I would say candle in the wind is just as amazing.


I understand that Elton didn’t have a lot if time to get together a song for Diana. But even still I’m chalking this number up to one of the most awful cover sings of all time simply because it was originally written face for Marylin Monroe. When this song plays, you’re not always sure which version you are hearing- Marylin’s or Diana’s. In my  opinion, I hate to see either of these ladies, both with amazing lives, both with tragic deaths, both having made a mark on history, have to share their tributes.

Maybe that’s harsh but they each deserve their own song. That’s just how I feel.

Original Song:

Marilyn Monroe-Candle in the wind – YouTube
Marilyn Monroe tribute. Song: Candle in the wind,by Elton John.



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