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Amazing Cover Songs: Something’s Got a Hold on Me Christina Aguilera

So how does Christina Aguilera land on a Rock N Roll blog? With this song! After starting at as bubble gum pop singer of sorts, it didn’t take long at all to break that mold. In fact, she can raunch it up with the best of ’em. The music genre doesn’t matter in her case and opinions don’t matter much because the truth is- this girl can wail! It makes sense that one of her biggest influences is the legendary Etta James. You can’t imagine rock n roll or music at all without the indelible mark of Etta James.  Christina does one her most memorable songs justice….and I doubt many would disagree.

Christina Aguilera – Something’s Got a Hold On Me (Burlesque)


Original Song:

Etta James Something's Got A Hold On MeEtta James Something’s Got A Hold On Me
Sometimes I get a good feeling I get a feeling that I never, never had before And I got to tell you right now I believe, I really do believe that Something’s…




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