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Amazing Cover Songs: Shout by Disturbed

The different sub-genres of heavy metal get confusing for every one, including me. Industrial metal? Progressive metal? I forget which box Disturbed fits into. Frankly, following the hundreds of different rock genres is exhausting .

I loved this band the first time I heard “Down with the sickness” well over a decade ago. A driving beat pounding to lyrics you can actually sing to; now that’s a great metal band.I know has made the awful cover songs list but that doesn’t mean I don’t love this band. What lacked in land of confusion found its place in this amazing cover song.

Very metal with just a small touch if 80s new wave to suit my tastes. Amazing cover? Yes!



Original Song:

Shout – Tears For Fears – YouTube
Apr 4, 2011 This track is owned by UMG. This version of the 1984 hit was taken from the album “The Universal Masters Collection”. The song went to …



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