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Amazing Cover Songs: “Just What I Needed/Candio” by INC

I remember the first time I heard INC, A.K.A. Indestructible Noise Command. I was still in high school, when thrash metal was first getting big. Yeah, we all told ourselves we were pretty cool back then. Well, most of my old friends from back then still think they’re pretty cool. Some are.

Anyway it was playing from a pathetic little boom box and we were hanging out in a dusty basement. I won’t bore you with the details or I’d have to change names to protect the innocent. (Those were pretty wild days.)

The album was good enough, but this song stuck in my head…and to this day still does. Sure, Flotsam and Jetsam remade an Elton John song with good effort. But I’m impressed with the way Inc handled not one but two songs from the Cars….and still used metal guitar riffs without mucking it up.

I love their version. If you’ve never heard it,  you will too!

Original Songs:

THE CARS ― Just What I Needed – YouTube
Oct 13, 2013 JUST WHAT I NEEDED ― i don’t mind you coming here / and wasting all my time / ’cause when you’re standing oh so near / i kinda lose my …

The CARS – Candy-O(1979) – YouTube
May 27, 2009 Re-uploaded, because apparently “Shoo Be Doo” is nothing without “Candy-O” and “Candy-O” is nothing without “Shoo Be Doo”. And I agree!



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