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Amazing Cover Songs: It’s Now or Never by John Schnieder

There’s not much to say about this amazing cover song that could truly sum up what I really think…..except…! John Schneider does an incredible job remaking one of Elvis‘ best hits. With velvety smooth vocals and a smile to match John really nailed this cover. Its enough to make anyone weak in the knees and it takes a lot to make me go all school girl. But John made me swoon with this version.

Most generation X-ers remember the wave of TV heart throbs who tried to release albums to capitalize teenage crushes. There were a few that must look back at their albums and blush with embarrassment.  But John Schneider could actually sing…and sing he did! I’ll never bother to remember him for his role in the dukes of hazard but this song is hard to forget!


Original Song:

– its now or never (1960) – YouTube
Jan 1, 2010 It’s now or never, come hold me tight Kiss me my darling, be mine tonight Tomorrow will be too late, it’s now or never My love won’t wait. When I …


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